Android Auto System to be offered in Hyundai Cars

If you own an Android Smartphone and a 2015 Sonata Sedan by Hyundai, well, it seems you are in luck. You can now ask your car dealer to download the

Google launches Google Photos with unlimited storage

Google today launched its unlimited photo and video service called Google Photos. Google Photos will be available today on Android, iOS and the web and offers free unlimited storage and photo editing service.

GoPro set to make a Drone

GoPro’s Chief Executive, Nick Woodman, has confirmed the brand willbe making its own quadcopter drones. Mr. Woodman has described the aircraft (which will be remote controlled) as the “ultimate accessory”

Futuristic goggles making air sickness a thing of the past

I love this kind of thing! Travel sickness on planes could soon be a distant memory thanks to a swanky, futuristic pair of goggles. The idea is to essentially give

Periscope is finally arriving on Android

Periscope, Twitters live video streaming app, is being launched on a new platform. Googles Android. This comes two months after its debut in the apple store. Meerkat, rival app of

Kids do better in schools with a ban on smartphones

This is not the usual kind of thing I write about, but upon reading the study I felt obliged to share it with you and I am intrigued to hear

O2 warned by Business Secretary: “Sort it out” 

Sajid Javid, UK Business Secretary of state, has told phone provider O2 to “sort it out”. This follows mass complaints from customers of the large network regarding a loss of

Apple is rumored to be changing its iPhone font

The words “helvetica Neue” may not ring too many bells, but many of us see it every day.Its the font Apple use on its Macs, mobiles & tablets and it

Samsung reveals a few facts about its round Gear smartwatch

Samsung has not run away from its new Gear watch having a round screen. If you weren’t aware, it confirmed the announcement on the day the Apple Watch launched. Now,

A UK start-up, Netduma, launch a unique router that will shake up the home network industry

Every home has a router, but other than connecting to Wi-Fi, have you ever actually been onto your router’s interface? For most people, the answer is ‘rarely’, if not ‘never’.