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Windows 10 comes with a new feature, called New Technology File System (NTFS) file system, which is designed to decrease the file size and save up space while remaining normal

How to Use Windows 10 System Restore

System Restore on Windows 10 feature is designed to create a snapshot of your computer and then save the current working state as a “restore point” once system changes are

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Normally, AirPods works flawlessly with iOS devices. It’s designed primarily to work with iPhone/iPad and other Apple devices like MacBooks. Since it’s not easy to connect or disconnect AirPods with

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Windows PCs now limits controller support. Although the newest generation of console controllers can easily with Windows. However, the last-generation gamepads like the PlayStation 3 require custom drivers to be

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From Windows 10 version, when you plug a removable storage device like a USB flash drive or an internal hard drive into your computer, the system will automatically detect and

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If you are a traveler, but you don’t want to lug a laptop, or works with computers that miss your required apps, then you should consider a portable Windows. With

How To Disable Bixby Button On Samsung Galaxy S10/S10 Plus/ S10E

Since Samsung has announced Galaxy S8/S8 Plus, with its built-in assistant, Bixby, Galaxy users have been asking for ways to disable this button function. Even with the release of Galaxy