5 Android-only apps that will make iPhone users jealous

5 Android-only apps that will make iPhone users jealous

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One of the greatest things about Android is that its apps have more freedom compared to iPhone apps. Some Android-only apps are rated quite unique, and these apps definitely make iPhone users jealous because they offer features that Apple simply wouldn’t allow, for example, recording your screen and even earning free credit to buy more apps.

1. ADV Screen Recorder

ADV Screen Recorder is a great app enabling you to capture what’s happening on the Android screen for later use. In addition, this app doesn’t require users to root their devices.

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2. Google Opinion Rewards

Using Google Opinion Rewards is quite simple. You just need to answer customer survey from Google and you will get credit from the Google Play store. You often get a notification as a survey is ready. You can get up to $1 for completing the survey form. This is an absolutely free online app letting you earn credit.

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3. Audify

If you are in a situation where reading your notifications by yourself may be annoying and dangerous, for instance, while you are driving, Audify will help read those notifications loud to you. This free app runs by reading your notifications via a connected speaker or wireless or wired headset.

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4. Muzei

Muzei serves as a live wallpaper app which turns your phone’s home screen into a various well-known painting every day. And obviously, this app is totally free.

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5. Light Flow

If your phone owns a LED light for displaying notifications, Light Flow will allow you to assign a custom color as receiving text messages, emails, calls, calendar reminders or even when your battery runs low.

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