5 Apps You Should Miss This Week

5 Apps You Should Miss This Week

There are hundreds of new apps hitting Play Store weekly. Here are 5 great apps that you should try this week on your Android device. You will be more productive with Google Tasks or hide the notch of your phone with Nacho Notch and many more. Let’s go into detail.


Your ordinary photos will become masterpieces when using GoArt. All selected photos will be transformed into various art-style templates with the help of AI-based effects. The results are impressive, and it also supports the high enough quality for printing. There are many filters including Picasso, Van Gogh, and other classic favorites, and you can easily adjust effects as your liking.

Download it from the Play Store.


Sketchbook is a pretty amazing drawing app for Android, comparing to Adobe Illustrator Draw. Fortunately, it’s now completely free, which means you won’t need to pay $2.99 for unlocking Pro Tools. You will have the free access to 130 preset brushes, different ruler shapes, predictive stroke features and the others.

Download it from the Play Store.

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Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery

Do you want to become a wizard and join in Hogwarts? This game will let you create your own character and then customize its appearance to your taste. Besides needing to resolve the big & headache mystery, you can also take classes, learn how to spell and make friends. It’s possible to win the game without needing the in-app purchases, but you might be frustrated without using them. Will you choose in-app purchases, won’t you?

Download it from the Play Store.

Google Tasks


There are dozens of apps from Goole that make life much easier such as Gmail, Google Maps, etc…, and many of us could not live without them. And the latest addition to Google family is the new Google Tasks, and we’re sure after trying the app, you’ll see it’s indispensable to you. With Google Tasks, you will easily be able to organize your daily to-do list. You can also view the tasks that you created in Gmail or Google Calendar on the web directly from the app. There is a clean interface with the ability to create sub-tasks, which help you manage more easily.

Download it from the Play Store.

Nacho Notch

If your Android smartphone comes with a notch, and don’t like the way the dark notch looks against the lighter, the Nacho Notch app is a great choice for you. You can easily hide the notch with the app if you want it to blend in better. Once activated, you will automatically change the color of the status bar to the black color. There is only a drawback of the app that some apps like Google Calendar and Instagram make the status bar icons become dark, so they will be invisible on the black status bar when you are using these apps. But that’s not a big problem.

Download it from the Play Store.

Here are five interesting apps that you should try this week? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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