5 Best Dictionary Apps for iPhone & Android

5 Best Dictionary Apps for iPhone & Android

Getting a dictionary app on your iPhone or Android phone is pretty necessary since it can help you in many situations and allow you to use it anywhere. If you are looking for a dictionary, then we are providing the details of different dictionary apps. Take a look at the best dictionary apps for your iOS & Android devices in this post.

Best Dictionary Apps for iPhone and Android

All these dictionary apps are helpful and highly evaluated. Here are things you should know about the best dictionary apps for iPhone and Android.

Dictionary and Thesaurus Pro

It’s absolutely a great dictionary app as it lets you take all benefits from it. You are completely free to use them anywhere and even run it offline. It’s the exact app to help you improve your English skills and provide the sense of sentence structures.

You can read several articles, and understand the meaning of any word and then translate English words into more than 45 languages. All the word meanings are in details and easy to understand.

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Concise English Dictionary & Thesaurus

It’s another good dictionary app for your iPhone & Android, and it is not expensive. It is highly evaluated for its interface, and also provides you a full access to each word with the complete details. The app is used easily and effectively as it offers several features to keep your experience with the dictionary comfortably.

Other its useful features include 4.9 million words and 591,700 entries, offline use, 134,000 pronunciation guides, and especially audio pronunciation in three languages: British, American & Australian origins. There is also an editable history and bookmarks feature which allows you to easily access the required word and other things in a quick manner.

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Advanced English Dictionary & Thesaurus

If you want to use an advanced dictionary app coming with 5 million words, then this app is for you. It provides you audio pronunciation in the US, the UK, Australia English and others. The app is getting more popular because it covers more than 5 million words, 591,700 entries, and 335,000 relations.

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Advanced English Dictionary & Thesaurus is a really comprehensive dictionary app, and you can now start using it efficiently as well as enjoying your reading and learning sessions.

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WordWeb Dictionary

It is a great dictionary app for iOS. This dictionary app provides you more than 285,000 words, 225,000 words definitions for better understandings, 85,000 text pronunciations, and more than 70,000 examples, which includes all information you should learn. It is also famous for several synonyms options, offline use, and related words feature which helps you know more words

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iTranslate Translator

One of the best dictionary apps for iOS and Android that you should not miss is iTranslate app. This app is both translator and dictionary, and it’s completely free to use. If you are looking for a multilingual dictionary and translation apps for your iPhone or Android phone, this app is for your device.

iTranslate app lets you switch among different dialects and allows you to copy words and then paste them in any app as well as share words through social media networks and even Mail. It supports well with iOS, Apple Watch, and Android devices.

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