5 hidden Galaxy S7 features that Apple fans wish their iPhone had

5 hidden Galaxy S7 features that Apple fans wish their iPhone had

The Samsung Galaxy S7 is one of the most desired smartphones in today’s market. Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone comes equipped with a range of hidden features which make the Apple fans jealous. In this piece, we offer five hidden Galaxy S7 features which are destined to provoke jealousy in the Apple’s fan.

  • 1. Rearrange and replace shortcuts in your Quick Settings pane

If you are using an iOS device, you can swipe up from the bottom edge of your device to open a Control Center, which gives you quick access to multiple settings and apps.

With Control Center, you will be able to access your favorite features from anywhere in iOS without leaving the app you are currently using. However, you may have noticed that you won’t be able to customize your Control Center in iOS. For example, you often use the calculator or timer on your iPhone, so those shortcuts will certainly do the thing.

On the Galaxy S7, you can swipe down from the bottom of the phone to access a settings panel with tons of shortcuts, and then tap Edit to rearrange your apps to ensure that your favorites are listed first.

  • 2. Two power – saving modes

In iOS 9, Apple introduced Low Power Mode for the first time. The feature was met with a virtual round of applause from all Apple fans, as it reduces animated wallpapers, background app refresh and motion effects to extend battery life.


On the Galaxy S7, Samsung offers two power-saving modes including a standard power saving and an “ultra” power saving mode. According to Samsung, its ultra-power saving mode will turn off all the non-essential services on your device and offers more hours even when your phone has a charge of just a few percent.

  • 3. Screen recording

Apple’s iPhone allows you to take a screen shot, but you are not able to record a video of your screen. Meanwhile, on the Galaxy S7, you can head to Settings > Advanced features > Games > Games Tool to enable screen recording feature. With a single tap on a floating button on your screen, you can easily record a video of your screen.

  • 4. Reminder notifications


Apple’s iPhone lets you set reminders for all meetings and appointments. Meanwhile, on the Galaxy S7, you can do more than that. You can set an interval to remind you of unread notifications by going to Settings > Accessibility > Notification reminder.

  • 5. One-handed operation mode


On the Galaxy S7, you can head to Settings > Advanced Features to enable one-handed operation feature. Once enabled, you just need to triple-tap your home button, and your screen will shrink down and get pulled over to either the left or right side.

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