5 lesser-known features in Google Maps for Android

5 lesser-known features in Google Maps for Android

Google Maps is the most powerful search engine on Earth. Google has been working hard to improve its mapping service for years to compete with Apple Maps. Google’s mapping service includes a lot of exciting features that may be unknown to many folks. With that in mind, we believe that we can help you out.

In this article, we have created a list of five lesser-known features in Google Maps for Android. Before we begin, make sure you are now running the latest version of Google Maps on your Android phone. If not, head to the Google Play and update your app.

  1. Measure Distance

Google Maps includes Measure Distance, a great feature that allows you to calculate the distance between two points on your Map. Measure Distance has been around for a while, and Google has recently updated the app to make it more intuitive.

Step one: Open Google Maps on your Android phone, and tap on any point on the map

Step two: A red pin will show up on the map. At the bottom of the screen, you simply need to tap on the name of the place and select Measure Distance

Step three: Once you are done, you now can add the next point on the map. After that, move the map and you will see the distance between the crosshairs and your first pin at the bottom

Step four: Hit Add point button. To remove the point you have recently added, simply hit Undo button in the top right.

  1. Remember where you parked

Back in April, Google launched a handy feature that helps you locate your parked car. This is a long-awaited feature and Google has finally made it an essential part of its mapping service. Users now can easily locate their parked cars with Google Maps instead of walking around a parking lot. You can follow the steps below to locate your car.

Step one: When you park your car, open Google Maps on your Android phone and hit the blue dot on your map (make sure you have enabled location on your device)

Step two: Next up, hit the “Save your park” option to save your current location. After that, Google Maps will display a message saying “Your parked here”

Step three: On the next screen, you can edit the location of your car or add photos to the location.

  1. Book a hotel

With Google Maps, you now can locate all the hotels around you. This is a great feature for those users who travel frequently. Open Google Maps on your Android phone, zoom into the map and you will see the list of all the nearby hotels. Tap on one of them and hit the name of the hotel at the bottom to bring up a menu where you can check availability and book a room.

  1. Connect with Google Calendar and Gmail

Google Maps can work perfectly with Google Calendar and Gmail, so you can bring your meeting information or flight details into your mapping service. When you search for a location, you can check if you have any events or appointments in that location. Google Maps also allows you to view your trip progress and share it with your friends or family, so they know where you are on your journey.

  1. View buildings in 3D

Google Maps has officially the ability to view buildings around you in 3D. To do this, launch Google Earth on your Android, search for a place on the map and double tap the screen until you see buildings in 3D.

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