5 Tips to Secure LockScreen in iOS 12 

5 Tips to Secure LockScreen in iOS 12 

Lock screen in iOS 12 version is now more attractive with more apps and features added. However, it’s also the place show to your photo thumbnails, call history, recently used apps, Siri suggestions and more. If you are worried about being leaked your personal data from your iPhone/iPad’s lock screen, then we are going to share with you 5 tips to secure lockscreen in your iOS 12 device.

5 Tips to Make iPhone Lock Screen More Secure

Disallow Notifications from Personal Apps

Keeping your personal notifications away from your Lock screen is a good idea. iOS system allows you to easily disable alerts from particular apps. So, there won’t be any problems in taking control over them. To do so:

Go to Settings → Notifications → App in question and then toggle the switch next to Allow Notifications to off.

Always Enable Touch ID /Face ID or Passcode

Disable Face ID/Touch ID or passcode might be a disaster as anyone can access your phone. So, you’d better set up a security method from your lokcscreen. Touch ID has been a gold standard. Apart from that, you can also create an alphanumeric passcode to give one more protection to your device.

Disable Wallet and Siri Access from LockScreen

It’s usually nice when you can quickly access your Wallet from the Lock Screen. However, if you want to have a maximum shield of your personal data, you should disable its access from lockscreen. It’s the same with Siri.

It’s helpful to instantly trigger Siri from Lock Screen. If you are in a hurry and want to get things done faster, Siri can help you speed up the whole process by cutting down unnecessary steps. However, if your priority is providing a complete defense to your personal data, it’s not a bad idea when disabling Siri access from the lockscreen. All you need is going to Settings → Face/Touch ID & Passcode. From there, scroll down to Allow Access when Locked section and toggle the switch of Siri and Wallet to off. You can also disable the access to other features like Notification Center, Control Center, Today View, Home Control, etc.

In iOS 12 there is a new feature called, USB Restricted Mode. To protect your iPhone/iPad maximum, you should also turn off the USB Accessories option. Once the USB Restricted Mode is enabled, you will need to authenticate your device if it hasn’t been unlocked for an hour.

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Disable Siri Lock Screen Suggestions

In iOS 12 version, Siri gives you suggestions right on the Lock screen based on the way you use an app. For example, if you use Stocks app every day in the afternoon, the personal assistant will automatically send you notification around the same time so that you will not miss it.

Customize LockScreen Widgets

iOS allows you to customize your Lock screen widgets. You can remove the ones you no longer want to show them on the lockscreen and just allow selected apps. Simply go to Lock screen and then tap on Edit button. Next, tap on the red button on the left of the widget you want to delete and choose the “+” on the left of the widget to add it. Finally, tap on Done when you finish.

These are five tips to make your lockscreen more secure. If you have any question, let’s know in the comment.

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