6 Display Settings On Your Windows For Better Experience

6 Display Settings On Your Windows For Better Experience

For various Windows systems, there is a load of settings available that help users to personalize their computer as their liking or their requirements. Some of the features make the Windows 10 OS more convenient, user-friendlier and more popular.

Even though many of you here have been using Windows 10 for a long time, we’re sure you hardly know how to use and when to use some of the display settings on your Windows 10 device effectively to enjoy a better quality experience. That’s why this post today will show you 5 best display settings you should know to get a better experience.

  1. Do Color Calibration

With the color calibration tool on your Windows computer, you can now easily add some colors to your desktop to keep things simple, but attractive. Color, contrast, and brightness are the three most important parameters which affect the overall outlook of the screen.


So it’s essential for you to find the option to calibrate the colors, brighten up your screen. If you feel it difficult, simply follow below instructions to find the best color calibration settings for your Windows 10 computer.

First, open Control Panel and search for Color Calibration option or you can also search for it in the Search Box at the Menu bar and then you will see Calibrate Colour Display window popping up.

After you click on the option, it will take you to a wide range of display types as well as combinations, including 4 combinations of brightness, color, and contrast so that you can balance the color. Click on each one and then change it to your preference and preview the look as well.

  1. Use Better Resolution To Find Tool Text

In Windows 10, the best thing about the fine-tuning of the text feature is that you can use the text and also arrange the resolution as per the perception. You will have 5 options of resolution to choose from. However, the lower is the resolution, the more blurred the text will be. So, we advise you to get a clear preview of the text in each of the resolutions before deciding which one is the best for your requirements.

This feature also comes with the possibility of scaling up the texts and adjusting the visibility, so you should note that. Increasing or decreasing the sharpness is what this feature is capable of offering to. Click on Start Menu button, search for “ClearType Tuner” to know more about fine-tuning text in your Windows 10 computer.

After that, click Next and there will be5 different text variants that are different in style, sharpness, etc. Find the best one that suits your need and make it easy to read the text easily.

  1. Use DPI Scaling On Old Apps

When your apps are upgraded to a higher quality, sometimes the app might look blurry and they become so difficult to use. So, instead of removing the app, you can take advantage of the DPI scaling.

To do so, you first need to right click on your App and choose Properties. From there, click on Compatibility option, and tick on Override High DPI Scaling Behavior box. After that, select the System you need to use and click on Apply to complete the task.

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  1. Use Night Light For Night Vision

When you use the computer for a long time, your eyes will get sore, the light of the systems might give you a fuzzy vision, which can hinder in your work. So, you’d better control the screen light according to the environment. At night, you should use a dimmer version to have a better experience and also ensure your eyes are at the end of the experience. To enable the feature, simply follow this patch.


On your computer, go to Settings > System > Display > Nightlight Settings. From here, you will have a slider to adjust between warm colors and shades, according to your need. You can also set the timings in which you want to enable Night Light settings and it can be disabled automatically.

Once you make these changes, there will be a Night Light button appearing at the Action Center, which makes it easier for you to select the night light options.

  1. Change Text Size, Apps and Icons Sizes

Apart from some of the simple features, Windows 10 also allows you to change the Text size, app and icon size. You can do this by going to the Settings option and then selecting the Display option.


You will then see Scale and Layout option, and then simply slide to adjust the size of icons and apps with simple texts to make it more clearly visible even when it’s in a bad resolution.

  1. Select Original Resolution

You can choose the Windows recommended resolution to ensure the quality of the presentation. The recommended setting for resolution is the best and makes sure blur-free images or visuals. If you are not sure about the arrangement of the resolution or the overall outlook of the Windows 10 computer, sticking to the Windows recommended options is the best idea.

These are some things you should know about customizing your Windows 10 display settings, making it easier for your eyes. While all these display settings options can easily be found in your Windows 10 computer, not many of us know how to use it effectively. If you understand these helpful settings clearly, then you will have a good experience.

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