6 tips for your Android smartphones against overheating

6 tips for your Android smartphones against overheating

Overheating is a common issue with Android smartphones these days, but there are not many people that can realize it. Playing games too much or searching internet for long hours can make your device overheat and cause damage to the device itself. In this article, we will show you 6 tricks to help your smartphone keep far from overheating.

  1. Avoid many apps running in the background

Apps running in the background are something that we usually ignore. With the huge amount of RAM in Android smartphones, apps run smoothly even when there are many apps in the background. However, these background apps & services take up CPU resources, which will lead to hardware overheating.


Exiting the apps after using it and restricting auto-start is an effective way to prevent overheating on Android smartphones if your device allows controls. You can also check the RAM used by apps in Settings->Memory, close apps you do not use


  1. Restrict mobile data, Bluetooth and GPS usage


Bluetooth, mobile data and GPS take a toll on your device’s battery, but you do not usually pay attention to it. These services make your battery drain fast because they consume a lot of power. You should turn them off when you do not use to avoid high temperature for your device.

  1. Keep the Brightness in check


The higher brightness your device is, the more power it requires. That time your device will get hotter. You should keep the brightness down to a suitable level and you will realize the difference. Reducing screen brightness keeps your device in normal temperature, so it will not overheat again.


  1. Charge properly

If you want your device to stay cool and maintain the battery life, you should charge it properly. You can follow the tips below to decrease your device’s overheating issues.


  • Use only the charger and cable that are provided with your device, using other chargers can affect your battery.
  • Do not use your phone while it is charging, as it is bad for your battery.
  • Do not keep the phone covered while charging; it will make the device temperature higher.


  1. Install an antivirus app

Sometime you download unknown resource apps; they can contain some malware or virus. These notorious apps will consume resources in the background and prevent your device from taking a rest. Your CPU and battery will become hotter.


Installing an antivirus app is a good way to help your device become safer and keeps it far from overheating. You can install the 360 Security app, which helps you control your device’s RAM usage and temperature.


  1. Install an app to manage and cool down temperature


There are millions of apps in Play Store to monitor and control the device’s temperature. These apps manage your device’s temperature in real time and cool down your device. However, we recommend you to install the CPU Cooler app, which helps you check apps that are overusing your CPU and heating it up. Moreover, it can also close all resource-consuming apps to cool down your smartphones. Open CH Play and search for CPU Cooler app or you can download here to install manually.



You should also keep these two tips in mind: There are two tips you should keep in mind besides the mentioned tips above

1) Do not let the device under direct sunlight, as this will raise its temperature.


2) Avoid using or charging the device after it has been in contact with water, even if your device has the water resistance capacity.

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