6 best tweaks for the Messages app on iPhone/iPad

6 best tweaks for the Messages app on iPhone/iPad

As you have known the message app on iOS devices, it includes iMessage and SMS (iPod Touch and iPad it only works on iMessages). However, you can use iCloud to easily synchronize messages on your devices. With jailbroken iOS devices, we can use messages more conveniently. Here are 6 best tweaks for your Messages app.

  1. Remote Messages

This tweak allows you to use iMessage on the operating systems that are not supported, such as Windows and Linux, via your web browser.


All what you have to do is install the tweak on your iPhone and then visit a special URL in the web browser of your computer to view the conversations in a Web user interface.

All the features you want on your Messages app will be there, including text editor, emoticons, attachment sending / viewing, and more.

  1. Couria

Many users might have known Bitesms tweak and unfortunately, this tweak is not supported for iOS 9 yet. However, there is a useful tweak that allows you to compose and reply to messages quickly on iOS 9. That is Couria tweak.


Adjustments in Couria allow you to to view chat history from your notification banner without having to open the Messages app, and even include a beautiful and customizable interface.

Developers also spent their time to integrate an API that allows some adjustments of other Jailbreak third parties to be compatible with this great tweak.

  1. SwitchService

A Tweak inspired from a function in BiteSMS is SwitchService. This is a free tweak for you to install on the devices.


After installing, you can switch between SMS and iMessages messages by tapping and holding on the “Submit” before choosing to send a message.

  1. TypeStastus 2

TypeStatus is a great tweak that allows you to see when others have read your iMessages or typing messages for you on the Status Bar from your iOS device.


The fine-tuning screen icons and notifications in the status bar will appear whenever someone is texting you via iMessage, this tweak is very useful if you pay little attention to the message, but you still want to know someone is replying to you.

Note: this Tweak does not support SMS, only works for iMessages.

  1. Nuntius


For those who want to add adjustments for the Messages app, Nuntius is a great choice for them. This tweak allows you to have the following functions:

  • Gim your conversations to the top of the Messages app
  • Mark conversation as read or unread
  • Hide or show individual conversations
  • Switch between sending SMS or iMessages
  • View multiple messages simultaneously when opening a conversation
  • Offline status when you are composing your message
  • Customize the appearance of individual messages

Nuntius is a wonderful tweak to help you improve your Messages app, to help you manage privacy better, and write messages quickly and conveniently.

  1. CKCounter

CKCounter is a simple addition but it is excellent for Messages app for jailbroken devices. It allows you to track the number of messages discussed during the dialogue even using SMS or iMessages.


The number of messages is displayed on the right side of your conversation; you can also customize the color display in the tweak’s settings.

Above are very useful tweaks for Messages app you should installed on your jailbroken iOS 9. If you have the same tweaks, please share for us by commenting below.

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