A UK start-up, Netduma, launch a unique router that will shake up the home network industry

A UK start-up, Netduma, launch a unique router that will shake up the home network industry

Every home has a router, but other than connecting to Wi-Fi, have you ever actually been onto your router’s interface? For most people, the answer is ‘rarely’, if not ‘never’.

This is because the router industry, much like the PC industry in the 1980s, is obsessed with great hardware with software significantly underdeveloped, tricky to use and ineffectual.

Netduma, a UK start-up, have addressed this gap by creating a router that contains unique software which solves many of the problems we face when using the Internet at home.

One of the biggest issues, as any family or student house will know, is a crowded connection.

When someone in your home begins a large download, like a Netflix video, or uploads large files like Facebook photos, your bandwidth becomes congested.

This forces applications like games, Skype calls and general browsing to be held in a queue, a bit like a car being stuck behind a big truck.

Using a unique algorithm, called ‘Anti-flood’, Netduma’s router removes all queuing by preventing anyone from over-using the bandwidth. Your favourite devices can also be prioritised, meaning your busy home can share its connection fairly and happily.


Netduma’s router has also been designed to optimise online gaming. If you are a gamer, or you live with one, you will know that there is nothing more enraging than lag. By using a geographic filter, gamers can guarantee they are only matched up with players close to their home, drastically reducing the distance their game’s connection has to travel.

Netduma’s router has many other features, all of which are configured on a simple interface, making it easy for ordinary people to use, not just techies.

Netduma have enjoyed an explosive start since launch five months ago, with their routers already in over 35 countries, as well as being nominated for the British Inventors’ Project at the Gadget Show Live 2015.

Netduma’s long-term aim is to have its software on every router in the world, so keep a look out for this rising start-up over the coming months.

For more, see www.netduma.com

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