Amazon Fire tablets start receiving the Alexa voice assistant

Amazon Fire tablets start receiving the Alexa voice assistant

Alexa serves as Amazon’s strategic plan to compete with Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana. Amazon’s voice-controlled virtual helper is capable of answering questions, playing music, setting alarms, streaming audio books, and providing weather and traffic information. Beside that, you can use Alexa to control some smart home devices with voice commands.

Echo-speaker was specifically built to showcase and deliver Echo. However, you now can get Amazon’s virtual helper on products other than Echo. Amazon today released a software update that allows the Fire tablet users to get Alexa. According to sources, Amazon’s decision to add Alexa to the Fire tablets may be Amazon’s plan to make sure that its virtual helper is reaching the same size audience as competing Apple’s Siri or Microsoft’s Cortana.


The Fire tablet owners now can use Alexa to check weather forecasts, get news briefings, play music, and get sport game scores from their favorite teams, just like what we have already seen with other competitors in the market. According to Amazon, Alexa has its own stuff that differentiate itself from Apple’s Siri and Google’s Assistant, which lies in the fact that Alexa is specifically designed for tablets, rather than smartphones. This means that Amazon wants to focus on home tasks such as entertainment, cooking or timers.

One of the most exciting but natural feature of Alexa is the ability to order and re-order items from For example, when you tell Alexa to re-order a Nike shirt, it will pop up a visual card of all the Nike items you have ordered previously. Besides, you can add third-party apps to Alexa to hire a ride from Uber, order a pizza or stream music directly from your tablet.

Amazon’s addition of Alexa comes as the holiday shopping season is approaching, and holiday shopper can use Alexa to order their favorite items from Seattle-based Company is encouraging the customers to buy its tablets on this year’s shopping season by slashing prices of some of its models. Back in September, Amazon unveiled a new tablet with an 8 inch display for only 90 USD, the way below the 150USD price tag from last year’s model.

Amazon Fire tablets are really useful if you are looking for a device to use around the house for entertainment.

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