Amazon to release a $50 tablet

Amazon to release a $50 tablet

According to The Wall Street JournalAmazon is planning to launch a new 6-inch table, later this year, with a price tag of around $50. 

Amazon’s current generation Fire HD 6 tablet costs twice as much, so I wonder what the specs list will look like on the upcoming tablet. I think Amazon will try to attract people who need a tablet for very simple tasks like looking up recipes and doing some online shopping.

The WSJ says that the tablet is just the first in a three-product line the company’s releasing this year, with the other two being an 8-inch and a 10-inch tablet. Although, the rumor does not include any specs,  the $50 price tag suggests a low resolution display, small storage and poor battery life.

The tablet is expected to arrive in time for the holidays.


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