Android Auto System to be offered in Hyundai Cars

Android Auto System to be offered in Hyundai Cars

If you own an Android Smartphone and a 2015 Sonata Sedan by Hyundai, well, it seems you are in luck.

You can now ask your car dealer to download the system for free (if they have a vehicle with navigation).

Hyundai have become the first producer of cars to offer the Google Android system in one of its models.

So how does it work? It will connect to the drivers smartphone and allow instant access to apps such as Google Maps! This is accessed by your voice of course (Hyundai are going for all out coolness) or steering wheel controls or perhaps the touchscreen on the dashboard. 

The plan was first announced in January last year (2014) when Google said it was working with various carmakers such as Hyundai, Audi and Honda to integrate their systems into car dashboards. 

The tech fore runner also said the system would be offered in a whopping 28 different brand by the end 2016 (so keeps your eyes peeled potential car buying, android using, smartphone owners)!
So where is Apple in all of this? Fear not, iOS lovers! Apple has signed similar deals with BMW, GM and Honda.

Hyundai have also stated that it planned to offer Apples version of the CarPlay system soon as well. 

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