Android Pay now available in New Zealand

Android Pay now available in New Zealand

Android Pay is one of the most used paying methods in the market, enabling users to make payments with their Android smartphones, tablets and smartwatches. Android Pay was first introduced at Google I/O last year and acts as the successor to Google Wallet which launched back in 2011.


Google has been hard at work to make sure that its Android Pay is available in as many countries as possible. Google has officially launched Android Pay in New Zealand. However, the availability is so limited, as Android Pay is currently available for New Zealanders who bank at the Bank of New Zealand and use Flexi Debit Visa. Customers can use Android Pay to buy gas, food and more directly using their Android phones.

In New Zealand, the number of businesses that support Android Pay is extremely limited with McDonald’s, Burger Fuel, or Domino’s and Noel Leeming. Users are expecting a wider rollout of Google’s mobile payment service in New Zealand. If you are interested in the service and you live in New Zealand, you can start using the service by downloading and installing the app from the Google Play Store.

Previously, Google launched Android Pay in Poland with support from three major banks in the country and 400.00 retailers. Android Pay is supported at many locations in the country that require NFC terminal hardware. However, Google says that Android Pay in Poland will not support in-app purchases. This mean that users can only make purchases at retail terminals.

This year, Google has released Pixel and Pixel XL, the first smartphones carry Google’s logo, eliminating its alliance on manufacturing partners like Huawei, LG and HTC. The new pair of smartphones promise to be the hit among worldwide users thanks to their exclusive features like Pixel Launcher and Google Assistant. Besides, Google has recently announced its first ever Android Instagram account, serving as Google’s o official communications and marketing tool.

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If you are located in New Zealand, don’t forget to share with how Android Pay goes for you in the section below.

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