Apple iPhone 6S photos leak

Apple iPhone 6S photos leak

The next gen iPhone (usually mentioned as 6S or sometimes 7) has been amid much speculation in the tech community. It is widely thought that the exterior would be very much similar to its predecessor. This was just one talking point of how Apple are going to outdo themselves yet again.

Well, pictures of the 6s have been obtained by 9to5Mac and at a first glance, it seems the speculation was right… It does not look to much different to the 6. This, we think, is a good thing. For example if you are upgrading then you can keep that phone case which you love. No mentions on if a new version of the 6plus will be released yet though.


But don’t judge a book (or an iPhone) by its cover.

It seems that internally, the phone is destined for an upgrade. We base this on the rear shell, which definitely has a different internal mounting structure. This could mean a few things, a new logic board for instance.

Naturally, the internet is amid with rumours today and possibilities of what these new leaked photos could mean. But ultimately, we won’t know details are 100% certain until we are told so by Apple (so let the speculation resume).

What do you guys think? Will you be in line to get an iPhone 6s (or whatever Apple will call it)?


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