Apple plans to open first Apple Store in South Korea

Apple plans to open first Apple Store in South Korea

Apple has always been trying to expand its presence in more markets. Cupertino-based Company has now more than 490 retail stores in 20 different markets and those numbers will continue to grow in the coming months. Apple today confirms that the Company is planning to open its first Apple Store in South Korea, the home of its main rival Samsung. Previous rumors claimed that Apple was scouting locations for its first retail store in South Korea. However, Apple has not specified when the store would open.


According to the official statement, Apple expresses its excitement about opening its first Apple Store in South Korea and Apple is hiring the team that will offer their customers in Seoul the best service, education and entertainment in the world. Sources say that the construction of the first Apple Store began at a location in the southern district of Seoul and the work is likely to be completed by November 2017. However, this runs counter to the previous rumors claiming that Apple might plan an Apple Store at sites in Gangnam and Garosu-gil shopping street.

With the new Apple Store opening now official, Apple will compete directly with Samsung in South Korea where Samsung has always dominated. However, Apple seems to be doing well in the business in South Korea thanks to its growth in iPhone sales.

Apple is also believed to open nearly 10-12 manufacturing plants in India due to surging manufacturing cost in Chinese markets. Apple’s iPhone manufacturing partner, Foxconn has been scouting for locations for months. India and South Korea could be huge markets, where Apple will face tough competition from Samsung and other Chinese smartphone manufacturers. Apple’s new manufacturing plants in India allows Apple to lower iPhone prices here.

Apple is expected to launch the next iPhone this year and the new iPhone has been rumored to come with an overhauled design and impressive features.

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