Apple prepares dust-resistant, waterproof iPhone 7

Apple prepares dust-resistant, waterproof iPhone 7

Apple iPhones have long been revered for their classy and exceptional appearance. But, demands from the market will push the California-based company to make some changes soon. Apple Insider reported that Apple is testing a handset (possibly the iPhone 7) with “ruggedized” features. It is said they are considering waterproof and dust-proof features to fit the active lifestyle of modern day mobile users.

The tech giant has been preparing for this device since 2014, when they were awarded a patent for a method to shielding electronic components from moisture. It describes a process of making the internal components of a phone waterproof rather than the outside. Leading manufacturers, Sony and Samsung have been known to produce premium waterproof smartphones already, but now it looks like it’s Apple turn to launch this type of revolutionary handset.

Waterproof testing: ONGOING
Apple has been testing waterproof devices for a while now. In fact, unbeknown to many, the iPhone 6s was unveiled as a water-resistant handset. In a video presented by Zach Straley on YouTube, it showed that both the two new Apple smartphones were able to survive when being dunked in a bowl of cold water.

Watch the video below: (courtesy of Zach Straley)

To protect the hardware components, Apple used a silicone sealant around its internal parts and fitted a gasket around the handset’s edge. Based on a post by O2, its shows the phone’s external composition was also made sturdier with the adoption of Apple Watch’s 7000 Series Aluminum for the body. If Apple is producing a real waterproof iPhone 7, then we should expect them to use the same silicone sealant or a stronger hydrophobic coating to seal the handset’s components.


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Filled with more upgrades
The newest Apple flagships (iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus) made impressive sales on its first week of release, where 13 million units were sold three days after the official launch. With lots of hardware upgrades from its predecessor, many iFans were thrilled to own the newest device from tech’s most innovative company.

The iPhone 7 is also expected to come with a myriad of upgraded features and groundbreaking functions from its predecessor. Here are some of the long-awaited features that are set to feature on the next Apple smartphone:
• New physical design
• Upgraded processor (A10 hexa-core chipset)
• Two screen sizes (4.7-inch and 5.5-inch)
• Glass-on-glass touch panels
• Thinner body (between 6.0mm and 6.5mm)
• More microphone
• Sapphire Display
• Gesture control support
• Model option: 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB
• Dual-lens camera technology
• Built-in wireless charging
• Improved, but similar battery life

The company still has a year to work on their new flagship. It looks likely that it will be one of the devices announced at their Keynote next year (September 2016). For the time being, the iPhone 6s has regained Apple’s top spot on the mobile arena with its successful release. What other innovative features or upgrades do you hope to see on the next iPhone? Stay tuned to Techno Rumors for more updates on the iPhone 7.


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