Apple to fix ‘Bendgate’ by strengthening weak points of the new ‘iPhone 6s’

Apple to fix ‘Bendgate’ by strengthening weak points of the new ‘iPhone 6s’

It has nearly been a year from the launch day of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus and now the lights are turned on for the iPhones 6s launch day. Following the launch of the devices last September, some users began experiencing issues with their smartphones bending in their pockets after normal day-to-day usage. The issue was informally known as “Bendgate” following a test video from Unbox Therapy.

Apple engineers seem to have taken the flaws behind ‘Bendgate’ into consideration on designing the new iPhones 6s. A new video from Unbox Therapy shows that the company’s engineers tweaked the design of the new device by strengthening the weak points of the smartphone’s body. The video shows that the areas around the volume buttons seem to be thicker with 1.9mm for the so called iPhone 6s and 1.14mm for iPhone 6.

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Despite having a thicker shell at certain points, the shell of the so called iPhones 6s seems to be lighter than the current version of the iPhone, with 25 grams and 27 grams respectively. The weight of the shell seems to validate the rumors that Apple might be using 7000 Series anodized aluminum for its next-generation smartphones.

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