AT&T shuts down its 2G network

AT&T shuts down its 2G network

2G network has been available for many years and it was once a rage when Apple launched the first iPhone back in 2007. 2G technologies allowed various mobile phone networks to provide the services including text messages, pictures and MMS. However, it appears that 2G network has reached its limit despite the fact that it is still used in many parts in the world.

AT&T, one of the biggest networks in the US, today announced that it has shut down its legacy 2G network in order to focus more on the current 4G LTE network  as well as improve the 3G network that still exists in the US. According to AT&T, from now on, customers attempting to use this network will not be able to make or receive calls including emergency calls, send or receive text messages and use data services on their devices and AT&T recommends users to switch to newer technologies.


In reality, AT&T planned to shut down entire 2G network back in 2012, but it took four years make that happen. The Big Blue Ball still maintained its support for partners and customers who were relying on 2G network in four years after shutdown plan was announced. According to AT&T, the shutdown of 2G network is part of the company’s 5G evolution, which includes continued support for the current 4G network and other technologies in the future.

If you are now using a phone that connects only to 2G network, don’t worry because T-Mobile is offering a great deal, as the company allowed those using legacy 2G network to switch to T-Mobile and get 2G service for free through the end of 2016. Accordingly, customers would get free 2GB service up to 50 MB per month. Besides, T-Mobile promised to support 2G network through 2020, while Verizon plans to shut down its 2G network by 2019.

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