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AutoPlay in Windows 10: How to Configure it

AutoPlay feature in Windows 10 allows you to choose the default section every time you connect a USB device or another kind of media to your Windows computer. After you

How to Install Safari Browser on Windows

I know many of you like the Safari browser on MacOS/iOS devices due to its speed and smoothness. SO, do you want to get Safari browser to be installed on

Windows update not working? How to fix it

“Windows update is not working” is one of the most annoying problems that Windows users often encounter with.  A system like Windows will require many updates from time to time,

How to Manage Your Saved Passwords in Microsoft Edge

You feel tired of signing in each time you open your favorite site through Microsoft Edge browser.  You might not know that this browser has a solution to save passwords

Install Themes on Windows 10? How to Do It

Customization is the key to decorating your computer. There is a multitude of options for Windows 10 to fine-tune your computer into something that is vivid and doesn’t put you

How to use PS4 controller on your Windows computer

  There is no doubt that some games on your Windows will be much easier when playing with a controller. If you don’t have an Xbox controller, the PlayStation DualShock

Google Chrome keeps crashing? How to fix it

There are always big improvements in the available browses. But, for now, Google Chrome still remains the most widely-used browser worldwide. Although it usually works great most of the time,

Windows 10 Taskbar Not Working: How to Fix It

The Taskbar in Windows 10 version has received a number of cool features, but many Windows 10 users reported bugs and glitches. Windows 10 upgrade suffered some frustrating errors like

How to Use Bitmoji on Facebook

You might be familiar with Memoji on iPhone models, but you might not know that Face has already released Bitmoji to complete this Memoji from Apple. Basically, they are custom

How To Fix Poor Battery Life On Samsung Galaxy S10

You want to help your Galaxy S10 battery life last longer, then you can make some quick adjustments to do so. After tweaking your phone, you will no longer have