BMW owns the trademark for ‘Alphabet’ and

BMW owns the trademark for ‘Alphabet’ and

Google’s co-founder Larry Page has unveiled a surprise restructure, yesterday, with the announcement of Alphabet, a new parent company that owns Google and all other current Google divisions. However, there is one major problem: BMW owns the trademark and .com domain for “Alphabet” and the company is not planning to sell, a spokesperson says to the New York Times.

As the New York Times reports, BMW are currently looking into the possibility of trademark infringement. Generally it is not problem for two companies to have the same name, as long as there is no possibility of confusion for customers and in this case the difference is clear. BMW’s Alphabet provides service packages to big corporations with fleets of vehicles and Alphabet owns Google and all other Google divisions together with self-driving cars!

The current owner of the domain is BMW but Google has managed to secure The major problem for Alphabet now is that China has blocked its new site, despite expansive local coverage of the restructuring, Fast Company reports.

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