Send directions to your Android phone with a Google search

Sending Google Maps directions to an Android phone just got (much) easier. Google has introduced a web feature that delivers instructions through a simple search.  You just have to search

Facebook launches video calling in Messenger app

Now you can have face-to-face conversations with your friends and the people you care about, via Messenger. You can quickly start a video call from any conversation with just one

Google Slashes Project Tango Price In Half

Project Tango is currently only available for purchase by invitation. Today some of those individuals who already have an invitation, received an email informing them that the price of the

WhatsApp For Android Now Lets You Make Voice Calls

Finally WhatsApp has released a major but quiet Update for the Android users and now allows them to make voice calls through the app. Together with the Voice Calls Android

Project Fi: Google’s mobile carrier plans revealed in leaked Android app

Android Police has unearthed Nexus 6 firmware with an app for Project Fi, which appears to be the codename for Google’s wireless service. The leak suggests a very different approach

HTC One M9

The new flagship device of HTC, the One M9 has been announced  at Mobile World Congress 2015. The new flagship phone is heading toward becoming the Best smartphone for 2015.

Apple Expands iPhone Trade-in Program To Include Other Smartphones and PCs

Apple today expanded its trade-in program to include selected Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phones, HTC, LG, Nokia and Sony smartphones as well as PCs from certain manufacturers. The Reuse and Recycling Program gives