When will Windows 10 be released?

According to the latest leaks, Windows 10 will have its release date in the UK at the end of July. The operating system, which will succeed Windows 8, has been

iPad Pro Dimensions and Features leaked again!

A newly leaked industrial rendering proves that Apple is currently working on a large-screened iPad as we have previously revealed.  The industrial rendering, dated December 2014, shows a 12.9-inch screen iPad

Dual-booting handset headed to China with Android 5.0 & Windows 10

A smartphone from Chinese company Elephone that appears to run both Android 5.0 Lollipop and Windows 10 has been revealed. The  device seems to offer a 2K display, a 21-megapixel

Videos Showcase Apple Watch Launch Lines, Teardown and More by MacRumors

Today is Apple Watch launch day in the United States and eight other first wave launch countries, and many customers around the world are busy setting up their new smartwatch

LG is working on a smaller version of its G4 phone

WinFuture claims to have leaked details of the G4c, a 5-inch budget G4. the leak suggests that LG G4c could feature a slightly faster Snapdragon 410 processor and a higher-resolution

New images of the ‘bazelless’ Oppo R7 leaked

The R7 has been shown in images before, but now a second bunch of photos have been leaked. And just like past occurrences, that lack of bezels really draws the

Leaked Photos of iPhone 6c Might Reveal A 4-inch iPhone

Future Supplier, a Chinese parts supplier, has posted leaked images of what it believes could be the rear shell for the iPhone 6c.  As you can see from the picture

First images of Apple iPad mini 4 leaked online

New photos snapped by @onleaks show what is believed to be the new iPad 4. Just like the iPad Air 2, the next iPad mini apparently won’t have a mute/orientation

Project Fi: Google’s mobile carrier plans revealed in leaked Android app

Android Police has unearthed Nexus 6 firmware with an app for Project Fi, which appears to be the codename for Google’s wireless service. The leak suggests a very different approach

Force Touch sensor to be exclusive to the iPhone 6s Plus

Apple firstly debuted Force Touch on Apple watch and the new MacBook. Apple then implemented Force Touch to its ‘’new’’ MacBook Pro line up. Now is rumoured that Apple will