CES 2018: Everything Samsung announced at the event

CES 2018: Everything Samsung announced at the event

CES (Consumer Electronics Show) is one of the world’s largest shows for consumer technologies, offering users a preview of what’s best of tech giants. Samsung is among the tech giants who are expected to unveil its upcoming tech products, showing the world that the company is more than just a phone or tablet.

Samsung is doing pretty well in business as the release of the Note 8 helped the South Korean company recover its damaged reputation after the Note 7 fiasco. At this year’s CES, the South Korean is believed to announce a wide range of new products, ranging from TV to OLED displays.

In this article, we have compiled a list of everything Samsung announced at this year’s CES. For some background, CES 2018 is now running through 12th January, so make sure you keep up with the latest news and products.

  1. TVs and displays

Samsung is one of the leading players in the world’s TV market. The South Korean company has been working hard to diversify its products, offering users more options out there. At this year’s CES, Samsung made waves by announcing its first modular TV, known as “The Wall”. “The Wall” is one of the most impressive TVs we have ever seen in recent years, offering a truly gigantic screen. With a 146-inch microLED screen, the new TV is specifically designed for movie theaters.

According to Samsung, “The Wall” allows users can make their TV smaller or bigger, in any configuration without impact on performance. However, there are no words on a resolution. Tech experts say that the new TV will support 4K and HDR at launch.

The South Korean company also announced the Q9S, the world’s first 85-inch 8K TV with artificial intelligence, offering more pixels than 4K TVs. However, tech watchers say that there’s no 8K content available at the moment and Samsung needs more time to make use of the 8K display technology.

The coolest thing about the Q9S is that it includes AI technology that helps deliver pristine 8K resolution for your content. Samsung says that all of the company’s new TVs will include support for Bixby, its own virtual helper. With Bixby, users can quickly search for movies, TV shows, play songs, and get sport scores using their voice.

  1. Software and services

Samsung has been trying to create its own tech ecosystem for years. The South Korean company took a big step to accomplish that goal when it announced its SmartThings app. Samsung claims that the SmartThings cloud will work for all its devices this year, including the Gear S3 smartwatch. For some background, Samsung’s SmartThing app turns your television into a hub that controls your smart home devices such as lights and security cameras.

  1. Computers

Samsung is not the big name in the computer market and the South Korean company has been trying to change that. At this year’s CES, Samsung unveiled the Notebook 7 Spin and Notebook 9 Spin. Both devices comes with Windows 10 pre-installed, with pen inputs. The Notebook 9 is a premium device, combining perfectly aluminum design and high specs. Both devices are convertible laptops, but the 9 stands out thanks to its premium design.

  1. Home appliances and audio

Samsung has gained its popularity in home appliance industry. At this year’s CES, the company introduced the new WW6850N washing machine with support for QuickDrive technology. The Family Hub Refrigerator now includes better support for SmartThings and improved Bixby.

When it comes to audio, Samsung unveiled the new 3.1-channel sound bar called NW700. Besides, we saw the unveiling of the VL5, a wireless speaker that includes a Surface Dial-like magnetic puck to alter the volume.

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