Clean your iPhone with 3 top ways

Clean your iPhone with 3 top ways

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Did you know that your iPhone device is 18 times dirtier than a public toilet? Well, this can’t be more disgusting. So, for iPhone users, what is the optimal way to clean your iPhone without destroying this device?

According to tech experts, cleaning your smartphone might not be as simple as we thought. Plus, iPhone device should never been cleaned with any detergent or cleaning product because this may cause fatal damage. So we are here with 3 top ways that you can apply to clean your dirty iPhone.

Solution 1: Follow Apple’s guidelines

The least efficient solution is the only one suggested by Apple, which is using a soft, slightly damp, lint-free cloth to gently wipe your powered down device. Apple also recommends staying away from: solvents, sprays, household cleaning products, window cleaners and any abrasives since these ones may damage the oleophobic coating on your screen that mainly helps prevent stains.

The problem is that this solution doesn’t remove bacteria from your iPhone indeed.


Solution 2: The DIY method

This is regarded as a more effective solution, but it is not as safe as the above solution. First and foremost, you need to prepare a mixture of 40% isopropyl alcohol and 60 % of water. Use a microfiber cloth and your mixture to clean iPhone’s back. To clean the inside’s crevices, use a cotton swab soaked in the mixture. However, using this mixture may cause damage to your screen.


Solution 3: The UV light method

Using products that use UV light is now considered an effective and safe solution to cleaning your dirty iPhone. Let cells expose to UV light for a long time will damage their ADN in order for the bacteria not to recover itself. Therefore, products that use UV light will remove any bacteria sticking to your smartphone, but such products can be very costly.


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