Commander One, the free dual-pane file manager for Mac

Commander One, the free dual-pane file manager for Mac

Finder is good but there is something much better out there and is called the Commander One.

The Commander One is the best dual-panel file manager for your Mac. Some would say that dual-pane file manager is well in the past, but when you are working with big loads of data, there is nothing more convenient.

Why you need a dual-panel file manager?

I think most of people will find it very useful and especially those who work on their Macs a lot and value every minute of their time. I work on my MacBook Pro a lot and when I say a lot I mean a loooooot, and I found that the Commander One saved me a lot of time and made the file transfer between two places or two different devices ( such as the Mac and an external hard-disk) much more convenient and less time-consuming. Instead of having two Finder windows and trying to fit them in the screen you just open Commander One and ‘Vuala’  you have two panels in the same window!

The software also provides you with extra information such as the disk space on your external disk or USB drive and gives you an overview of the most useful info you might need about your files – the date, kind of file and the size.

Commander One is and is going to stay free file manager that offers the following functionality right now:

• Two panels with three view modes and unlimited tabs • Multiple selection
• File operations queue
• Rename files during copy and move operations

• Set up custom hotkey for any action • Work with local and network drives • Customizable fonts & colors
• Spotlight search

• Show hidden files
• Advanced search with regular expressions
• IP archives support with compressing, extracting and full access • Discover and access network computers via Bonjour
• Root Access
• Preview multiple types of files including binary and hex

But if you are a professional and you need something more that just the above you can get the PRO Pack which includes:

• RAR support with extracting, full access and search
• TarGz with compressing, extracting, search, and full access • 7zip with compressing, extracting, search, and full access
• Mounting of iOS devices
• Mounting of MTP devices
• Process viewer
• Mount Dropbox account as a drive
• Terminal Emulator
• FTP Manager
• Sharing of Dropbox links
• Colorful individual themes

The company promises that these features are going to be under constant improvement and new feature will be added usually.  If you are interested in the Pro Pack today is you lucky day! Just use the exclusive TECHNO-15 voucher code on the purchase page and get 15% off the normal price!



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