Common Pokémon GO Problems & How To Fix Them

Common Pokémon GO Problems & How To Fix Them

Until now, it has been two years since Pokémon GO was first released and Niantic has also fixed a slew of problems. Almost all the little glitches in the past two years are in the past. But, recent updates with Person vs Person Trainer battles in Pokémon GO have appeared errors, which continue to plague players.

Whether it’s Error 0 when you open the game, GPS not found and other errors, here is a run-down of common problems reported by many users. If there is a fix/ workaround from Pokémon GO community and Niantic, we also include it in this post.

Common Pokémon GO Problems & Their Fixes

Blue Screen When Loading

Some players saw that the game got freezing when they first opened it. The game appeared a blue screen, and then nothing else happens. Or, they saw a screen where a half is blue sky and the other is green with a line down the middle.

To pass this, you need to hold down the multitasking/ recent apps button, which is usually the square button on Android. On iOS devices, double tap on the Home button. It will put the game into memory as you intend to switch to another app. It will also refresh when you re-open the game. Now, simply tap on Pokémon GO to open it again.

Battery Drain Caused by the Game

Pokémon GO needs your device’s Wi-Fi and GPS sensor to know where you are in the world. Your data connection, GPS, sensors will not stop while you are playing. Due to this, the game will eat up battery fast. Do you know how to keep the screen off and save battery life while playing the game? Here’s how to do so:

  • Tap on the Pokeball at the bottom of the screen.
  • Select Settings on the top-right.
  • Choose Battery Saver option. Your phone will consume less battery power when you play the game by turning off the screen 90%. While it still runs, and you hear spawns, your phone battery will last longer and especially does not get hot.

No Pokémon Near You

Some players don’t notice Gyms and PokeStops on the map, even when they have the game installed correctly. If this happens to you, there’s nothing you can do. PokeStops and Gyms will automatically put on the map by, but not randomly. Those who are in the low population areas will see fewer Gyms and PokeStops near them.

You could ever request a Pokéstop in your location, but it’s now no longer an option. However, players that is over level 10 on Ingress can still request new Portals.

GPS Not Found

As you know, Pokémon GO uses internet connectivity and GPS of your device to know where you are in the world. If GPS location is not present, the other will pick up the slack. That’s what should happen.

Some users notice error notifications that say “GPS Not Found” when some old Android devices don’t have GPS technology enabled; so you need to manually activate it. Open Settings to turn on GPS tracking. From Android 5.0 & higher, the GPS switch is in the Privacy & Settings area inside the Settings app.

If you still see a GPS Not Found error in Pokémon GO, you should update your location settings if you are using Android. Simply head to Settings > Security & Location or search for “Location” from the menu, which is the easiest way.

Next, toggle on location, and look for “Location Mode” or Locating Method. This is important since it will control how your phone finds your location. There are many phones set to Wi-Fi only to save battery life. Select “High Accuracy” option for the best gaming experience.  It is still one of the most frustrating Pokémon GO problems for many gamers.

Missing Items Purchased

If your account is missing items that have been purchased through the Shop, you should sign out of your account and then sign it back in. If it doesn’t work, try restarting your device. It’s also one of more frustrating Pokémon GO problems.

Freezing While Capturing Pokémon

Some iOS players report that Pokémon GO gets frozen consistently when they are completing a capture. While the reason is still unclear, Reddit users report that switching to LTE connection from on to off can be a good solution. Without LTE, the game can still use the 3G connection to catch Pokémon

Android users deal with this issue too. Simply tap on the icon in the bottom-left corner, then open Journal and check if your capture was successful.

“Unable to Authenticate. Please Try Again” Error

Another common problem of Pokémon Go is the “unable to authenticate” error. When players sign in (or re-sign into an account) on Pokémon GO, they notice “Unable to Authenticate. Please Try Again” error and the login cannot be completed. It’s extremely frustrating and there are only two potential fixes.

First, close the game and re-start it. This is a simple but effective solution every time. Don’t just tap on Home button and go back. You need to force close the game. Double-tap the home button on iOS or tap on Recents tab on Android to close Pokémon GO. Next, reopen the game and try logging back in. If your password is still wrong, you will see this error again. So, close it and restart the game.

If you’re still dealing with this error on your Android, navigate to Settings > Apps > Pokémon GO and tap on Force Close or Force Stop. It will manually close the game completely. Next, open the game and log in again.

Pokémon GO Errors

There are a number of reports about Error 0 on login, which relates to the new “Friends” feature in Pokémon GO. However, Niantic slowly works out remaining bugs or glitches with the new Friends feature, so there are not still any solutions right now. The only way is to close the game and then re-open it. After that, check if it already loads your friends and works as expected. If not, you should force close it.

Error 11 and Error 12 relates to the GPS signal, so you simply scroll back to the section above and try possible fixes. Another common issue is the Error 33, which occurs when you start a raid, during gym battles and you will see a message “can’t get past the GO” on battles. The error is due to time-sync issues between your game and the game servers. The game servers will be rotating to the next Pokémon while serving you and the small window of lag causes the error 33. All you need is to try again and you won’t see any problems.

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