Facebook is testing a Dislike button in Messenger

Facebook is testing a Dislike button in Messenger

87Last year, Facebook launched Reactions to users worldwide. Basically, the update gives users five additional animated emoji alongside a redesigned Like button including love,” “haha,” “wow,” “sad,” and “angry”. Unfortunately, a long-awaited Dislike button was nowhere to be found. Don’t worry because it appears that the biggest social network on Earth is working on a Dislike button for the Messenger app.

According to sources, Facebook is testing out its new reactions feature that will be launched in the Facebook Messenger app. Accordingly, users can add reaction emoji including the thumb down button to each individual message right within the messaging thread. You simply need to tap emoji button and select one from the reactions list. Facebook’s today move helps users express exactly what they want to say within a conversation.

Facebook says that the company has been trying to make its social network more fun and today’s test enables users to best express their emotions while they are chatting with their friends and families. The company also states that the thumb down button is actually considered as a “No” button rather than a Dislike button as previously rumored and it is expecting a wider roll-out of the test in the coming months.

Facebook has been rolling out updates for both desktop and mobile apps recently. Last month, Menlo Park-based Company launched ads in the Messenger home screen, but the feature is now in beta stages in two countries, Australia and Thailand. In December 2016, Facebook finally added group video chat for up to six people. Besides, up to 50 users can join in an audio call. Facebook’s update aims to bring Facebook in line with Skype in video calling segment.

Besides, Facebook allowed users to add Christmas-themed effects to its camera in an attempt to make conversations more fun. The new Messenger camera is now much faster and simpler, fully meeting users’ visual messaging needs.

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