Firefox 59 update: 3 exciting features you can get now

Firefox 59 update: 3 exciting features you can get now

Firefox ranks among the best web browsers out there. Firefox has its own ground in the web browser market where Google Chrome now dominates. The company has never stopped improving its own web browser in an attempt to take on Chrome.

Like its main rival, Chrome, Firefox regularly receives updates that include bug fixes and new features. The upcoming Firefox 59 is expected to be one of the biggest updates the company will ever release to the public. One of the biggest features of the Firefox 59 lies in the ability to stop websites from asking for permission to access your location and camera.

The update will hit Firefox users worldwide in March, meaning that we are now two months away from the launch day. However, you can get some of its new features right now in the current build of Firefox on your PC, without the need for an additional app or program.

  1. Turn off notification requests

If you frequently receive popups asking for your permission to send you notifications while browsing the web in Firefox, then it’s time to remove those annoying requests. In reality, Firefox has recently confirmed that the upcoming Firefox 59 update will add controls to prevent sites from asking to be allowed to send you notifications. However, you can get it now. The method used to disable notification requests in an older Firefox is not straightforward. With that in mind, we are here to help.

Step one: Open Firefox on your computer and then enter about:config in the address bar

Step two: Hit the I accept the risk button and search for risdom.push.enabled

Step three: Now just simply double-click to change the value from true to false

  1. Turn off location requests

A lot of sites you visit may ask for permission to access your location. While this may come in handy in some cases, it may lead to a security problem. If you want a little bit of privacy, you can disable location requests. In the current build of Firefox, you can quickly disable location requests. To do this, fire up Firefox and go to about:config. After that, locate geo.enabled and change the value to false.

  1. Disable camera and microphone requests

Firefox allows you to turn off camera and microphone requests, but this feature is hidden in the settings section. In the upcoming update, Firefox will make this feature an essential part of its web browser. However, if you cannot wait until the update hits your device, you can get it now.

To disable camera and microphone requests in Firefox, open Firefox on your computer and enter  about:config. Once you are in, look for media.navigator.enabled and media.peerconnection.enabled, and set the value to false.

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