Fitbit Alta HR officially announced

Fitbit Alta HR officially announced

83Fitbit, an American manufacturer best known for its fitness trackers and wireless-enabled wearable technology devices, today launched its new wearable device, the Alta HR in an attempt to retain the its leading position in personal fitness and health trackers industry.

With the release of the Alta HR, Fitbit has introduced several new features that were missing on its previous model, while making significant updates to the existing ones. One of the most noticeable additions to the Alta HR is a hear sensor for better measuring calorie burned all day and viewing real-time heart zones.

The new Alta HR features an OLED display that can be activated with a simple tap, just like its previous models. According to Fitbit, the new wearable device promises to offers up to seven days of battery life.

Aside from a hear sensor, the Alta HR comes with two new sleep tracking tools dubbed Sleep Stages and Sleep Insights. Basically, Sleep Stages will give you a glimpse of your motion activity, heart rate level and other key metrics while sleeping in order to help you maximize sleep quality. Sleep Insights, on the other hand, offers you the best sleep guidance and coaching based on over 3 billion nights of logged sleep it collects.

According to Fitbit, both Sleep Stages and Sleep Insights will be available via the Fitbit app this year. The company also says that Sleep Insights will work with all Fitbit devices with  track sleep, while Sleep Stages will only work with a limited number of devices including the new Alta HR, Blaze and Charge 2.

Fitbit is having a hard time selling its wearable devices in the market. Last year, the company announced its worst ever Q4 earning reports. The company has been trying to regain ground it has lost to Apple and Samsung. In December 2016, the American manufacturer acquired smartwatch maker, Pebble to speed up its efforts to catch up with Apple in the smartwatch industry.

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