How To Fix Delayed Notifications on Android

How To Fix Delayed Notifications on Android

Recently, Android users have complained about the notification delay problem that occurred with apps and services. Before resolving the notification delay on your Android device, you should know why it happens. The notification delays on some Android users might range between a few minutes to more than 20 minutes while the others do not receive the updates until the device gets unlocked. To help you get rid of this problem, we’ll show you a few effective methods so that you can override Android’s Notification delay problem.

Solutions to Fix Delayed Notifications on Android Devices

Method 1: Check out Battery Saver Mode on Your Device:

Many OEM manufacturers have added battery saver modes to save up the maximum battery life. Xperia devices have a stamina mode that disables many features to preserve battery life. Some users use third party apps to help the battery life of their device last longer.

These apps can extract the most from your device battery. However, the optimization also comes at a cost. The mobile data connection or Wi-Fi connection will be put in sleep mode. So, all apps running in the background will be disabled and notifications do not appear. You can use an alternative battery saver app that does not affect data connection.

Method 2: Stop Killing Background Apps Manually

Similar to other Android users, you can have a habit of closing apps running in the background to free up the RAM memory on your phone. Not just does it kill the background process, but it also affects the battery life.

So, to get rid of the notification delay problem, you should ditch the habit. If your Android device is not clogged or runs out of memory, you should not kill background apps. You should only close the app when it starts acting up or freezing.

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Method 3: Use Push Notifications Fixer App

After the installation, simply open the app. For the first time, you will be prompted for granting Superuser permissions. Just tap on ‘grant’ button and then follow these steps below:

Step 1: From the first screen, you will see a “Mobile heartbeat interval” option. Tap on it to set the duration for notification. The app gives a recommended interval of 6 minutes, which should be enough for most users.

Step 2: If you want to set a default interval for fetching notification when your device is connected to Wi-Fi, just tap on the “Wi-Fi heartbeat interval” option. The Default time is set at 5 minutes in the app.

Step 3: After you change the duration for both the options, tap on “Apply settings” option so that it can implement the duration changes.

Step 4: You will then be asked for a device reboot to apply changes.

Step 5: The app also has a setting to run the duration changes after your device boots up. Make sure you choose the option.

With all the above methods, we hope you can fix the delayed notification problem on your Android device. If you still face trouble, let’s know in the comment below.

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