How to Fix Galaxy Phones Stuck on Samsung Logo Screen

When Android device is not turning on, many of us usually feel limited with troubleshooting, but you should know that a soft-bricked phone doesn’t offer many options when coming to troubleshooting either. If your Galaxy phone is being stuck on the Samsung Logo screen, let’s out the reasons why it happens to your device and solutions to fix if your Galaxy phone gets stuck on Samsung Logo.

How to troubleshoot if your Galaxy won’t turn on?

Solution 1: Soft Reset

The first thing to fix the problem is to perform a soft reset to fix the stuck logo screen on your Galaxy phone. Simply press and hold the Power button for 8 to 10 seconds. A few Galaxy tablets like Galaxy Tab 3 requires holding the Power + Volume Up button together for 10 seconds.

Solution 2: Charge Your Galaxy Device

There is a chance your phone is powered off due to the exhausted battery. For example, the battery indicator shows 15% battery left, but, in fact, it is actually empty. Power your phone off completely and then charge it. Wait for your device to charge for 20 minutes and then power it on. Then, check if your Galaxy phone can power on completely and if the problem is also fixed, you can then start using your phone as normal.

Solution 3: Use a Different Charging Method

If your device charger does not help, you should use another USB cable and then connect it to your computer. If you usually use your computer to charge your phone, you should switch to a wall charger and check if it helps. If nothing helps, you can try to charge your phone if possible, and use the same charger to check if other devices are charging well.

You should also ensure that your charger or cable is not damaged in any way. Damaged cables are the main reason why your Galaxy phone could not charge.

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Solution 4: Wipe cache partition on your device

Wiping the cache partition will help you remove the cache files that have been caused your Galaxy phone to power off. The corrupted cache files on your phone may prevent it from powering on. These cache files are just temporary and are only created by the phone after you delete the current cache files. To wipe the cache partition on your Galaxy device, you first need to boor it into recovery mode through a specific combination of keys. To enter recovery mode on your Galaxy phone, just press and hold Power + Home (Bixby) + Volume Up buttons at once for 10 seconds.

Follow these steps to wipe the cache partition on your device:

  1. When you see the Android icon after holding all three buttons, release all of them and the System Recovery screen will show up
  2. There will be a menu with many options. Simply use the Volume Down key to highlight the ‘Wipe Cache Partition’ option
  3. Choose it by using the Power key and wiping out your device cache partition will get started.

Once the process is completed, simply choose Reboot option and new cache files will then be built by your Galaxy phone. If you can go through the entire process successfully and your phone boots into the lock screen, the problem is already fixed. However, your Galaxy phone still gets stuck on the Samsung logo screen after wiping the cache partition, you should consider resetting it to the factory settings.

Solution 5: Reset your Galaxy phone to factory settings

If none of the previous solutions helped you exit stuck bootup screen, you should consider resetting your Galaxy phone to its factory settings. Once you reset your phone, it means that you will bring your device back to the initial state as you unboxed it. All your data and installed third-party apps will be removed from your device. If any of these were the main factor that prevented your phone from powering on, then a factory reset is an ideal solution to fix it. Since your phone is stuck on the bootup screen, so you cannot perform a factory reset within it. If possible, make back up all the data to your computer if your computer can detach your phone. But, if it does not read your phone, you will lose all the data. You need to boot your phone into recovery mode again to perform a factory reset. To do this:

  1. Power off your Galaxy device completely by pressing firmly the Power key for a long time.
  2. Now, press and hold Power + Home (Bixby) + Volume Up buttons altogether until you see the Android logo on the screen.
  3. Once your phone boots into recovery mode, release all the buttons.
  4. Now, use the Volume Down key to highlight the Factory Reset option from the menu list
  5. Use the Power key to confirm your option and reset your Galaxy phone

Wait until the process of resetting your device to its factory settings to complete. After it has been reset, your phone will automatically reboot. If it successfully boots up to the home screen, you have successfully fixed the problem. If you have already created a backup of your data, you can restore it and start using your Galaxy phone.

In case the factory reset still fails to turn on your phone and it’s still stuck on Samsung logo screen, you should consider taking your device to a repair center and check if there is any physical damage that prevents your device from powering on.


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