FLIR’s thermal camera is coming to iOS

FLIR’s thermal camera is coming to iOS

That second generation FLIR One thermal camera is now available for iOS device with the Android version shipping later this summer. The first-gen FLIR camera was embedded in an iPhone 5/5s case but the second generation is a standalone accessory you can attach on your phone via the lightning port on iOS and micro usb on Android. The second-gen thermal camera, also, has four times the resolution of the first-gen.

The thermal cameras can be used in many ways such as to spot small fires or warm/cold air leaks at home. Developers should keep an eye for the SDKs that they can use to create third-party  apps for the camera. You can pre-order the FLIR camera right now for $250 and $150 for the old cases, if you don’t care for the lower resolution.

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