Garmin Vivosmart Review

Garmin Vivosmart Review

There are smartwatches like Pebble and Apple Watch and there are also fitness trackers like Misfit Shine and then there is the Garmin Vivosmart which combines the best of both worlds. Garmin has become one of the first companies to build a fitness band that also has the same features as a smartwatch.


The touch screen of Vivosmart is viewable even in direct sunlight. The screen comes to life with a double tap but you can also set it to fire up when you lift your arm. The brightness is really good and it reminds me of an e-paper screen. It is also responsive and fast.

As a Fitness Tracker

First, the Vivosmart has an  pedometer. As well as step counting, the Vivosmart can also track many activities. Just press the desired icon to let it know you’re about to cycle or run and it’ll log the distance and time, as well as receiving data from compatible heart-rate monitors and cycle speed sensors.

Garmin also has its own community so you can set up step challenges and so on, with fellow Vivo users. It is a social way to get motivated to move.

Sleep tracking it seems to be becoming obligatory on wearables and features on the Vivosmart. Garmin Connect app can give you a sketch of your sleep and the quality of your sleep.

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As a Smartwatch

Vivosmart is also a smartwatch, with many basic functions. On iOS, you can get vibro-notifications for anything that’s in the Notifications centre. For Android, you have to use the Garmin Connect app to select what apps will be notifying you. Vivosmart also tells you who is calling and who is the sender of a text message you received, so you can chose whether to take your phone out or not (or should I say whether you’re avoiding someone or not). Lastly, Vivosmart also has an alarm. The only problem with this is that you can set only one alarm (bad for people like me who need a bull dozer to wake us up) and you do not have the choice to choose a different hour for weekends.


Vivosmart, as advertised, charges really fast and it can keep on going for up to a week. The charger is a bit bulky and clips on it in a weird way but this is a minor problem for many.


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