Google announces Youtube TV, a new streaming TV service

Google announces Youtube TV, a new streaming TV service

Youtube is now the world’s biggest video-sharing service in the world. Basically, Google- owned service allows users to upload, view, share, report, and rate a video. Youtube has changed so much since it made its debut over a decade ago and it keeps improving every day to meet user’ video-sharing demands.


Last week, rumors were making sounds that Youtube would launch its own streaming television service called Youtube TV, which would stream traditional TV content and online content. Today, those rumors are true. Youtube has just announced its first streaming TV service at an event in Los Angeles. Youtube TV is basically similar to other TV streaming services in the market like Sling TV and PlayStation Vue, as it allows subscribers to access popular TV networks including ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC. Besides, Youtube TV also offers access to around 30 major cable channels in the US.

According to Google, Youtube TV’s price will cover up to six accounts, thus giving six different TV viewing experiences. Besides, Youtube TV will act as an independent app that will launch later this year and the app will be available on laptops and TVs through Google Chromecast. Google says that Youtube TV will be launching for smartphones first later this year.

However, Google says that Youtube TV will not feature channels from Viacom including Comedy Central or MTV. Besides, there will be no popular channels like AMC Networks and Discovery Channel, which is a little frustrating.

Youtube TV’s starting price stands at $35. At this price, Youtube TV will compete directly with other TV offerings like DirecTV Now, Sling TV, and PlayStation Vue. Sources say that Youtube has been working on its own streaming television for more than two years and Youtube TV was initially rumored to be dubbed Unplugged.

According to tech experts, there will be an intense competition among streaming TV services in the future, as Apple is believed to be working on a streaming television service.

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