Google Lens: Everything we know so far about Google’s AR feature

Google Lens: Everything we know so far about Google’s AR feature

Google is showing the world that the company is not just about Android and search engine. The Mountain View-based company took a big step to achieve that goal when it announced Google Lens at its I/O event last year. In reality,  the Lens serves as Google’s next move in its computer vision. Google’s plan receives mostly positive reviews, with most experts praising the company’s creativity in virtual intelligence.

With Google Lens support, you can scan things through the app to get information and other details visually. The Lens was initially planned for the Pixel phones, but it has the potential to hit every Android phone or tablet running Marshmallow. This means that you will be able to identify objects and landmarks with your Samsung or Sony phone.

Google Lens sounds unfamiliar to some folks. With that in mind, we have gathered everything we know so far about Google’s AR feature. For some background, sources say that Google is planning to bring its AR feature to the Apple iPhone, but it remains unknown when the company makes it possible.

  1. First, what does Google Lens do?

Google Lens uses your phone’s camera to scan your desired objects, and then it will provide relevant information. In other words, all you need to do is to fire up your camera, then point the camera at an object and Google Lens will take care of the rest.

Google’s AR feature now works perfectly with Google Photos, providing additional details about your photos. Keep in mind that Google Lens now supports English only, so make sure you set your device language to English.

  1. No more Pixel exclusive

Google Lens was previously made for the Pixel phones, but it’s no longer the case now. Google has expanded its AR tool to all Android phones running Google Photos and with Google Assistant support. That means that you now can scan any object or landmark to receive more information. Some reports claim that Google Lens will hit iOS this year. This add up to previous rumors that the iOS Google Photos app would include Lens support in next update, thus hinting at iOS release of Google Lens.

  1. How to use Google Lens

Google Lens is a part of Google Photos and Google Assistant, meaning that you do not need to install any additional app on your device. To use Google Lens from Google Assistant, fire up Assistant from your home screen, then hit the Lens button and tap on the object you wish to identify.

Google Lens is Google’s amazing feature for all Android devices. But it sometimes becomes a cause of annoyance, as it stops working. Google Lens is still in early stages and it shows a lot of promises. We are expecting it to get better and smarter in the future.

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