Google Play Music now can deliver songs that suit your mood

Google Play Music now can deliver songs that suit your mood

Google Play Music is one of the most used music streaming services in the market. Google’s streaming services now hits more than 60 countries and multiple platforms including Android, iOS, PC and various media players. If you are one of those who have subscribed to Google Play Music, we have to say “Congratulations!” because Google has just rolled out an updated version of its music streaming service. One of the most noticeable features of the new Google Play Music lies in its artificial intelligence that automatically delivers playlists based on your location and what you are doing.


This feature uses the machine learning that offers playlists based on a number of factors including the types of music you frequently listen to, the weather in your location and what activity you are participating in and your current location.

The updated version of Google Play Music is now available in the Google Play Store. The new app aims to challenge other music streaming services in the market including Apple Music and Spotify. You can have access to millions of songs and download anything for offline listening. Besides, Google Play Music includes the ability to store up to 50.000 songs and smart recommendations based on your taste.

According to Google, subscribers will be given an offline playlist based on what you listen to frequently and Google Play Music is here to help with perfect soundtracks that match with your daily tasks.

This year, Google has released the Google Pixel and Pixel XL, the first smartphones that carry Google branding, eliminating any footprint from Google’s partner manufacturers like HTC or LG. Besides, Google also rolled out a number of updates for its app including Gmail app for iOS, Google Play Newsstand and now Google Play Music. This could be a perfect step for Google to bring its services to more users in the market.

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