Google redesigns Google Voice

Google redesigns Google Voice

It’s been years since Google Voice has received an update from Google. For those unfamiliar, Google Voice was launched eight years ago after Google acquired the service GrandCentral. Basically, Google Voice serves as a telephony service providing call forwarding and voicemail services, voices and text messaging for those with Google accounts. However, Google Voice has been an outcast for years, as Google has turned its focus on Android mobile operating system, Android Wear, and Google Photos.


Google today launched a major update for its Google Voice with an all-new user interface and material-UI design language for iOS, Android and web applications. Basically, Google Voice has been completely revamped with more visually appealing than how it previously looked. Google Voice now has separate tabs for texts, calls, and voicemails. Conversations are now no longer filled with messages, as Google Voice supports threaded message conversations.

Noticeably, Google Voice users can finally send photo MMS messages, something we have been expecting from Google for years. Besides, group texting is now supported, eliminating the need to use Hangouts. The voicemail translation now includes support for Spanish. According to Google, the company will team up with wireless service provider to add RCS (rich communication service) to Google Voice in the future.

Google is expected to expand Google Voice’s presence in more countries in the future, however, tech experts say that this depends on how successful Google Voice will be. The update will hit Android users first, followed by iOS and desktop. Google says that it will deliver Google Voice updates on a regular basic from now on.

Last year, Google announced Pixel and Pixel XL, the first smartphones carrying Google’s branding. The new smartphones have received positive reviews from users and experts thanks to its premium design and exclusive features such as Pixel Launcher and Google Assistant.

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