Google’s new Street View app pairs with Ricoh 360-degree camera

Google’s new Street View app pairs with Ricoh 360-degree camera

Google has just launched a new version of the Street View app that will allow users take their own “photo spheres” and share them online.

At the moment it is possible to use your smartphone to take a 306 photo, but Google decided to support and start selling Ricoh’s Theta S 360 camera. (Ricoh is Japanese electronics company.)

Jim Malcolm, the president of Ricoh American, said the camera will cost $350 when it launches in late October. Mr. Malcolm added that the Theta S can produce a spherical 14-megapixel image from the data sensed by two 190-degree lenses. The camera will have its own companion mobile app and users will be able to publish to YouTube 360, various social networks and company’s own media site.

Google and Ricoh are expecting users to capture “landscapes, landmarks, business interiors” but also 360-degree pictures and videos from drones – by attaching the camera onto a drone.

The Street View apps also supports the iris360 professional camera that carries a price tag of a $2,000 and is set to ship in October to those who preordered.

Google also announced that its Google Business View service will be renamed to Street View Trusted and the service will continue as it has in the past, but the company will make it easier for businesses to enroll in the program.

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