Here are five best alternatives to Google Chrome

Here are five best alternatives to Google Chrome

Google Chrome is now the most used web browser in the world cause it is simple, fast and offers powerful features. However, Google Chrome has its own issues that may annoy some users. If you are tired of the issues you are facing with Google Chrome, you can switch to another web browser.


In reality, there are tons of web browsers out there with exciting features you will never find in Google Chrome. In this post, we have compiled a list of five best alternatives to Google Chrome you can use.

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  1. Mozilla Firefox

Firefox ranks among the most used web browsers in the market, and Google Chrome’s main rival. Firefox offers almost all the exciting features that are present in Chrome including the ability to open a lot of tabs and add extensions. Noticeably, Firefox consumes less RAM than Google Chrome usually does, making it the best alternative to Chrome in the market.

Besides, Mozilla Firefox is best known for protecting your privacy by providing many customizable privacy options. All your data will be encrypted in order to protect it from prying eyes.

Mozilla Firefox is a great alternative to Google Chrome thanks to its amazing features and light-weight. If you are looking for a resource-friendly web browser, Mozilla Firefox is something you don’t want to miss at all.

  1. Opera

Opera serves as another nice alternative to Google Chrome, because it is based on Chromium. Therefore, Opera includes lots of features that you can find in Google Chrome. Opera offers fast browsing experience and it is even lighter than Mozilla Firefox.  Furthermore, Opera includes an exciting feature called “Turbo Mode” that compresses web content without breaking down the site, thereby consuming less data than others.

  1. Safari

If you are now using a Mac, Safari serves as the best choice, as it is fast and offers some unique features. Safari also has its downside, which is lack of customization options. However, if you are looking for a light and fast web browser, Safari should be your choice. Beside that,  Apple’s web browser works perfectly with older Apple devices, and offers some advanced security features.

  1. Microsoft Edge

With Windows 10, Microsoft officially killed its iconic “Internet Explorer”, then adopting Microsoft Edge as its built-in web browser. Although Microsoft Edge cannot stand in line with Google Chrome, it offers really fast browsing with unique features. You can change your theme and customize your home page and new tabs.

Cortana is undoubtedly the Edge’s best selling point when compared head to head with Google Chrome. Microsoft’s Apple virtual helper can make your daily tasks much easier and quicker. Accordingly, you can ask her to set a reminder, or make suggestions.

  1. Comodo Dragon

Comodo Dragon is among the safest web browsers in the market thanks to its built-in security features. The web browser includes Comodo’s secured DNS server network, which protects your data from possible attacks and speeds up your web browsing.

Comodo’s Dragon is based on Chromium just like Google Chrome, so you will find many similar features here. You can now download and install many of Google Chrome’s extensions within the web browser.

Google Chrome ranks among the fastest web browsers in the market, but it takes a lot of resources to make sure that everything runs smoothly. Google Chrome uses more RAM than other web browsers. If you want to make a switch, make sure that you read the above-mentioned alternatives.

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