Here are top five Android O features

Here are top five Android O features

118Android O is still an unfinished work, but it might seem a significant update with a lot of new things that add up to a better user experience. Google has just released a developer version of Android O with dozen of new features such as better battery life, picture-in-picture and easier controls for notifications. It remains unclear if these features will show up in the final release of Android O, but today’s release of Android O is really worth your attention.

In this post, we will walk you through some new exciting features in Android O. Before we begin, note that Android O is still in beta stages, so it may come with some bugs and glitches.

  1. Better battery life

With Android O, battery life has been much improved. This is one of the greatest additions to Google’s Android mobile OS, as many users are suffering from battery drain issues on the current Android versions.

Android O now allows you to limit and manage all apps running in the background to save more battery. For example, if you now have Google Maps open in the background while you are now using Facebook, Android O will cut off location updates to stop the app from draining your battery.

  1. Notifications

Notifications have long been one of the selling points when it comes to Android. With Android O, notifications get a big refresh that improves user experience. Users now can easily group their notifications into so-called channels. Besides, you can control notifications settings for all the apps in the channels at the same time. Noticeably, you can customize your notifications for apps. This allows you to easily block some less-useful notifications on your device.

  1. Picture-in-Picture

Picture-in-Picture is not a new concept, as it has existed on Android for a while. However, this is the first time Google has introduced a native picture-in-picture feature for its OS. Basically, Picture-in-Picture mode allows you to watch your videos while navigating elsewhere.

  1. Lock screen

Android O now allows you to add more shortcuts to your lock screen for quick access. In reality, with Android Nougat, you can quickly access Google Assistant and take a picture right from the lock screen. So with Android O, Google just adds fuel to the fire.

  1. Keyboard shortcuts

With Android O, Google adds more support for physical keyboard, making your navigation much easier and quicker. Therefore, if you are now using an Android tablet, Android O should be your best choice.

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