Here are top five double tap features you may not know about

Here are top five double tap features you may not know about

Android serves as the most popular mobile operating system in the market. Apart from various customization options, Google’s Android comes with a lot of handy features that give users quick access to their favorite apps and settings. One of them is a double tap.


Double tap is not limited to tapping two times on something, it is now beyond that. If you are not an advanced Android user, don’t worry because we have compiled a list of five double tap features you can use to speed up your work.

  1. Double tap to wake up your phone

This may be one of my favorite Android features. Indeed, the feature is super convenient, especially when you are in the middle of something like you are eating or have dirty fingers.

Double tap to wake feature eliminates the need to press the home button to access your phone’s lock screen. Most of today’s top-tier smartphones come with fingerprint reader that unlocks your phone using just your fingerprint. This could be secure, but not handy because you still need to press the home button to authenticate your fingerprint

  1. Quickly switch apps

Quick app switching is one of the most noticeable additions to Android 7.0 Nougat alongside the new split-screen view. All you have to do now to tap the Overview button twice, and you will instantly switch to the previously-used app, just like tapping ALT + TAB in Windows.

  1. Double tap to access Camera

There are a lot of methods out there you can use to access your Camera right from your lock screen ranging from swiping right-to-left to swiping up from the Camera icon. However, double-tap seems to be the most convenient way to get a quick access to Camera. You now can press the power button twice, something we have already seen on Samsung devices, or home button to access your camera. This could be handy and time-saving.

  1. Double tap to highlight words

If you are one of those who are much involved in translating of foreign words, or copying URLs or words, then double tap to highlight words is really something you don’t want to miss at all. You now can double tap the screen to highlight texts. Cool, isn’t it?

  1. Double tap to remove all notification gestures

This feature is not adopted by all today’s smartphones, but it is worth your time. All you have to do now is to swipe with a fingertip on screen. However, on Android 7.1 Nougat, Google has removed this feature from the Nexuses, which is a little disappointing.

These are top five double tap features that you can use to speed up your daily tasks done with your smartphones. If you have another double tap feature that we may have missed, let us know in the comments section below.

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