Here is how to sort your notes alphabetically

Here is how to sort your notes alphabetically

Notes is one of the most used apps on your iPhone or iPad. However, have you ever found yourself in a situation where your Notes app becomes a mess and you get lost in the middle of thousands of notes? If you have, believe me that you are not the only one.

Be default, the Notes app sorts your notes by most recently updated. This means that even if you created a note a long time ago and if you edit that note, it will automatically top the list. This feature could be helpful, as it allows you to have access to your most edited notes, eliminating the need to browse all your notes. However, your notes will become very unorganized. Luckily, you can easily sort your notes alphabetically by changing the settings on your iPhone.

In this tutorial, we will show you how to sort your notes alphabetically on your iPhone. Remember that doing this way, your notes will be sorted according to either the title or the first line, so if you are one of those who can remember the beginning of your notes or its title, this could be a perfect way to re-organize your notes.

How to sort notes alphabetically on your iPhone

Step one: Launch the Settings app from your Home screen. Once you are in, scroll down to Notes and tap on it to proceed.


Step two: While you are in the Notes page, all you have to do is to select Sort Notes By. After that, choose Title.

Once you are done, your notes will be sorted alphabetically. If you want to sort notes by the day they were created by selecting Date Created.

How to password-protect your notes

Password-protecting notes is one of the most noticeable features in iOS 9.3. This time, in iOS 10, Apple has retained this exciting feature in an attempt to help users protect their confidential information. Here is how you do it

Step one: Open the Settings app from your Home screen and tap Notes to proceed

Step two: Next up, select Password. After that you will be asked to create your password for your note with a hint. If you have an iPhone with Touch ID, you can enable “Use Touch ID” option. Tap Done when you are done


Step three:  You can easily change your password by tapping Change Password. Besides, you can reset password if necessary.


Note that the above-mentioned guide won’t help you protect your entire app. If you want to password-protect a note, you can use the steps below:

Step one: Launch the Notes app and select a note that you want to password-protect and tap the Share icon.

Step two: Tap Lock Note and enter your password. Once you are done, tap OK


Note that doing this way allows you to add a password for the notes that you lock from now on. Notes that have already been password-protected will not be affected.

That’s it! From now on, you can easily sort your notes alphabetically or lock all your notes to protect your privacy from prying eyes.

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