Here is how you can activate Windows 10

Here is how you can activate Windows 10

In our previous post, we showed you the steps to download Windows 10 IOS for free. Basically, you can download a complete legitimate Windows 10 ISO to your device without needing to register or enter your product key. However, if you choose to not activate Windows 10, certain features of the OS will not be available until you buy a product key and activate your Windows 10.


Activating Windows 10 is pretty simple and it can be done after installing by entering a product key either obtained from Microsoft or retailers. You can get Windows 10 Pro at $200 or Windows 10 Home at $119. In this guide, we will walk you through the steps to activate Windows 10 after installing.

Steps to activate Windows 10 after installing

Before we begin, make sure that you have downloaded Windows 10 and installed it on your device. Once you are done, let’s proceed with how you can activate Windows 10 by entering a product key

Step one: You are now supposed to access Settings from the Start Menu or the sidebar. Once you are done, you will have access to your Windows Settings including System, Devices and more

Step two: You will notice that there is an option to activate Windows now at the bottom of the screen. All you need to do is to click on “Windows isn’t activated. Activate Windows now.”

Step three: You will be taken to the Windows Activation page and you now need to click “Go to Store” to access Microsoft store

Step four: Once you are in, click on the price tag button to get a Windows 10 product key. After that, you are supposed to sign into your Microsoft account and select your payment method. You can make payment using credit card, PayPal or mobile phone.

Step five: Choose your payment method and it will be added to your account for the next time you want to buy something from Microsoft Store

Step six: Once you’ve got the key, heading to Settings, click Activation and select Change Product Key.

Once Windows 10 is activated, you can now access a full set of features on your Windows. We recommend you buy a product key to activate your Windows 10 to take fully advantage of the OS.

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