Here is how you can make WhatsApp video calls on your iPhone

Here is how you can make WhatsApp video calls on your iPhone

51WhatsApp is now one of the most popular messaging services out there. Facebook-owned service allows users to make voice calls, send text messages, images and videos. WhatsApp keeps improving itself in an attempt to attract more users. Last year, Facebook-owned messaging service officially launched its free video calling feature for iOS devices.

The process of making a video call in WhatsApp is pretty simple and we will show how it is done. However, before we begin, make sure that you have updated the app the latest version. If you have not already done so, do it first.

In this step-by-step guide, we will run you through the steps to make WhatsApp video calls on iPhone.

Steps to make WhatsApp video calls on your iPhone

Step one: Once you have updated the app to the latest version, you now need to launch the app from your home screen and head to a conversation with the person you wish to have a video call

Step two: Next up, you simply need to tap on the video button located at the top-left corner of the app. If you don’t find it, this means that you are running an older version of the app

Step three: Once you are done, the video call will be placed and you will be taken to the connecting screen with a preview of your camera on the screen. You will notice that there are three buttons located at the bottom center of the screen including switching between cameras, end call and mute button

Step four: Once the other person answers the call, you will see their camera view on your screen and your camera view on the top-right corner of the screen. You can change that by tapping the camera button at the bottom

Step five: You can tap on the Back button located in the top left to access the floating circle view. This means that you can easily browse around or chat while making sure that your video call is not interrupted

Note that if you quit the app, the floating circle view will disappear, so make sure that you stay inside the app. Besides, make sure that your friends have the latest version of WhatsApp. If not, they cannot accept the video call.

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