Here is how you can use VoiceOver with Touch Bar on 2016 MacBook Pro

Here is how you can use VoiceOver with Touch Bar on 2016 MacBook Pro

VoiceOver is a great Accessibility feature for iOS that makes the iPhone and iPad much easier to operate for the blind and sight impaired. Basically, VoiceOver will guide anyone with a visual impairment through actions such as navigating and selecting options on their iPhone and iPad. In MacOS, VoiceOver helps you use keyboard or trackpad, making things you do most even better and quicker.


With the release of 2016 MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, VoiceOver becomes more useful thanks to a large number of gestures that can performed right on the Touch Bar. If you are new to VoiceOver, the process of using it with Touch Bar may be a little bit confusing. With that in mind, we believe that we can help you out.

In this guide, we will show you the steps to use VoiceOver with Touch Bar on 2016 MacBook Pro. Before we begin, make sure that you have enabled VoiceOver on the new MacBook Pro. To do this, you simply need to hold the Command key and triple press the Touch ID button on your MacBook Pro. Once you are done, VoiceOver will be activated on your computer.

Steps to use VoiceOver with Touch Bar on the 2016 MacBook Pro

Step one: Once you have successfully enabled, all you need to do now is to double-tap and hold to activate direct touch mode on the Touch Bar

Step two: Next up, swipe left or right with one finger to move Touch Bar focus to the next or previous element. After that, double-tap anywhere on the Touch Bar to enable an element under Touch Bar focus

Step three: Once you are done, if you need to change Touch Bar focus, you simply need to move one finger over the Touch Bar

Step four: If you want to activate the element under your finger, simply touch any item with one finger and tap Touch Bar with another.

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