Here’s how to restore lost contacts on Android

Here’s how to restore lost contacts on Android

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When you possess a cell phone, your contacts serve as one of the most important things. Therefore, it will be very annoying if you accidentally lose/delete all contacts. But do not worry, if you are using an Android device, this is no longer a big issue. In this tutorial, we will guide you to restore your lost contacts.

First and foremost, you should check your device again in case your contacts remain in the device but they are not being displayed in your contact list. You can do this by following some simple steps as follows:

Step 1: Open your Contacts list.

Step 2: Click on the menu (the three dots in the upper-right corner of your screen).

Step 3: Select Settings > Contacts.

Step 4: Open Contacts to display.


Step 5: Now you will see a list of the contacts your device is set to display. Tap All contacts and all the contacts will now be displayed in your Contacts list. If you still don’t see your contacts, just scroll down for more solutions.

It would be happy to know that your Gmail account is integrated with a useful feature which enables you to recover your contacts. But bear in mind that you can just make the most of this feature when you have synced your device with your Gmail account. Without further ado, we will walk you through how.

Step 1: Sign in to Gmail on a computer.

Step 2: Select Contacts from the drop-down menu in your left hand side.


Step 3: Now click on More and then select Restore contacts.

Step 4: A pop-up window appears. From here, you can custom restore for up to 30 days on Gmail. If this method works well, you need to sync your Android device again. To do this, head to Settings > Account > Sync > Sync Now.


Note: To secure your important data on your Android device, we recommend backing them up. You just need to head to Settings > Backup and reset > Backup account settings. From here, you should adjust the settings to avoid missing any data that are not backed up.

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