How an app could be the future of theatre

How an app could be the future of theatre

The first time I ever came across @digitaltheatre was when I went to the cinema a few years ago and saw they were screening Maria Freidmans production of Sondheims “Merrily We Roll Along”. How fantastic I thought! Ive always loved the theatre, but to see it on the big screen in my local town? What a great idea, I thought! How could no one have thought of it before! I thought it might be a one off, but a guy in the cinema told me that its Digital Theatre who organises the whole thing!

I had never heard of them, so I went and had a look online and was filled with joy at what I found! So many productions on line, that I could view! For a young thespian this was heaven to me! I don’t live in London, I have a full time job working nights and getting to see the latest shows can be a real struggle! But I don’t want to miss out… No way! So Digital Theatre is perfect!

I have their app on my phone which I believe is available on ios and android, and its amazingly simple to use. There is an option to watch a trailer for a production before you buy it and if you do buy it, it simply adds the charge onto your apple account… Simple!

In many ways, the world of Theatre has struggled to keep up with the technological advances of the past twenty years and has almost lost a generation or twos support because if it! I think Digital Theatre is a breath of fresh air, and would love to see more of this kind of thing.

Over the past couple of years, how many new shows have closed early on the west end? Too many.

We have to ask ourselves why. I know I cant support as much live theatre as i’d like to, because I work too much and life can be busy.

Theres a gap that needs filling in theatre and I think that Digital Theatre have found the answer… Technology.

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